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DEVRY ENGL227 WEEK 3 and week 4 discussions




Question;week 3Negative Messages (graded)Sometimes, people writing in a professional context must create negative messages, such as a letter of termination, a press release regarding a company error, a denial of a claim, or a poor performance review. When you write such a negative message, what are your objectives? What are some strategies you can use to write the negative message effectively? (This Discussion supports TCOs 2 and 4.)Collaborative Writing (graded)Identify some pros and cons involved with writing in teams. What are some strategies teams can use to successfully write together? (This Discussionsupports TCO 6.)week 4Diversity Issues in Professional Writing (graded)Valuing diversity is commonly regarded as a virtue in today's business world. Why is diversity an important value? What are some strategies we can use to reflect the value of diversity in our written work? (This Discussion supports TCO 8.)This section lists options that can be used to view responses.Report Writing (graded)What are some different types of reports you are likely to write in your career? What are some strategies for creating well-written, effective reports? (ThisDiscussion supports TCO 5.)


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