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Once your team is identified, get with your team members and decide




Question;As a final;assignment in this class, you are asked to work in teams and make a;presentation to your class on ?How Something Works?? and submit a written;technical report. The following steps and discussion will help explain this;task.;1.;Once;your team is identified, get with your team members and decide on an object;that you want to further explore. Since there is time constraint on this;assignment, try to pick something that is interesting and challenging, but is;doable in the given time. A common product or engineering device with a daily;application is best.;2.;Research;the history of the device. How, Where, When and by whom was it invented?;3.;How;does it work? What types of energies are involved? What does it operate on?;What are the components that make up this device? Make a list of the components;and materials that;make;up its assembly. Discus the manufacturing processes used to produce the various;parts.;4.;Who;are the manufactures? What options are available? What is the cost to the consumer?;5.;How;would you improve this product? What would you change? How would that impact;the;final;product performance and cost?;These are;some of the ideas that your presentation and final report should include. Each;team will make a presentation that is 15 minutes in duration. Each member of;the team is expected to participate in the presentation. PowerPoint should be;used for these presentations.;Additional;points will be given for creativity and a well-documented package. Your final;project package would be uploaded into Moodle and should include the following;?;?The;Power Point presentation used in class.;?;?A;written report addressing all the points previously discussed. The report is;double-spaced and in;the;order of 20 pages in length. The exact report format (i.e. Abstract;Introduction, Body;Conclusion);will be discussed in class.;?;?Solid;models of two of the components described in the device.;?;?A;color copy of all the charts and figures shown in class.


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