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Devry Eng227 Formal report (both parts)




Question;ENGL 227 Formal;Report Instruction;In this assignment, students will work;independently towrite;a short formal report that analyzes a situation and provides recommendations.This course project will;satisfy TCOs 4, 6 and 8.;Overview;In this assignment, students will analyze two;possible career choices of their choosing, and then write a formal analytical;report effectively presenting a recommendation to pursue one of the careers.This project has two parts;?;Part one, the Table of Contents and Introductory;Section, is due at the end of week 6.;?;Part two, the report in its entirety, is due at the;end of week 8.;?;Students are encouraged;to begin work on this project no later than week 5, reading the project directions;reading Chapters 13, 14, and 15, and, if time permits, doing preliminary;research.;Formal Report Topic;This;assignment is based on you choosing two possible career choices you would recommend;to an employee, client or professional contact.;Here?s the situation;You are to choose two possible career choices.;Your report should include the following;?;Information and background about your;two career choices. Research from at least six credible;sources to inform your audience and to support the recommendation(s);?;APA citations for all researched;information (in-text parenthetical citations and a reference list at the end of;the report);?;Formal report formatting;You will need to conduct;outside research and cite your sources using APA citations. Conclude the formal;report by making recommendations to your audience. Your report MUST be;formatted as a formal report.;Part One (Due Week 6) Table of Contents and Introduction;Your assignment this;week is to write your formal report?s table of contents and introduction, using;formal formatting. To complete this assignment, you will need to have a good;plan in place for your formal report. I encourage you to use the three-step;process we?ve been studying this session. (The formal report is due in its;entirety at the end of week 8. In week 6, only the table of contents and;introduction are due.);In;week 6, your assignment should include the following;A table of;contents using formal report formatting. (Note that page numbers are not;necessary this week, as you will not have written the actual report yet.;Page numbers should be added next week, though, when you complete the;report.)The table of;contents should include first- and second-level headings, like the example;on page 437 in chapter 15.Include an;introductory section featuring the following four parts (see page 439 in;chapter 15 for an example.Introduction;Purpose;Scope, and LimitationsSources;and MethodsReport;OrganizationIdentify at;least six credible sources you will use in your proposal in the ?Sources;and Methods? section.Use formal;report formatting.Be free of;grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors.;Part Two (Due Week 8);Formal Report in Full;In;week 6, you planned the formal report and wrote the Table of Contents and Introduction. In week 8, you will complete;the formal report. (You may need to revise the Table of Contents and;Introduction, based on the feedback you receive from your instructor.);In week 8, your assignment should contain;the following;?;Be formatted as a formal report, following;the guidelines for formal reports in the text (including the guidelines for;headings and subheadings found on pages 435-448);?;Include appropriate;prefatory, text, and supplemental parts (The formal report should contain;appropriate prefatory, text, and supplemental parts, including the following: a;cover and/or title page, a letter of transmittal, a table of contents, the;four-part Introductory Section from week 6, appropriately labeled body;sections, and appendices, such as the client interview and list of references. Your;report does not need to contain all of these parts, but should contain most;of them.);?;Fully answer thequestion;of what career would you recommend to an;employee, client or professional contact. The word count for the intro, body, and conclusion should be1250-1750 words);?;Useat least six credible researched;sources appropriately and effectively;?;Include proper;documentation using APA style (both in-text and end-of-text citations--please check your work using, and;?;Be free of spelling;grammar, and punctuation errors.;Note: Visual aids are entirely appropriate for this kind of;report, but they are not required. If you decide to use visual aids, be certain;to adhere to the standards we have studied previously in this course.;How the Formal Report;Assignment is Graded;The Formal Report Assignment will be graded according to the criteria set;forth in the Rubrics for weeks 6 and 7/8, located in Doc Sharing.


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