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Saint IDS210 module 7 Culture Through Literature: The Story of Cinderella




Question;IDS;210HM;Culture;Through Literature: The Story of Cinderella;Guidelines;and Rubric;One;of the best-known fairy tales in the world is Cinderella. It has;appeared in the folklore of many cultures, with over 500 versions alone in;Europe. In order to evaluate how cultural values are reflected in literature;you will read and compare two versions of Cinderella with the American;?Disney? version. As you read through the different versions, think about what;behaviors reveal the characters? values, how the geography and natural;resources are worked into the story, as well as the traditional values of the;times and societies in which they originated.;There;is a list of websites in the Webliography that will assist you with finding;different versions of Cinderellato compare to the Disney version.;Please donotchoose a fractured fairy tale version;or anyparodies of Cinderella. You are searching for ones that;come from different cultures only.;Your;grade for this assignment will be based on the following;?;Comparison of two Cinderella;stories with the Disney version (using instructor-supplied graphic organizer);?;Research on the culture of;the countries involved;?;Archetypical model comparison;relating to;o Setting;o Characters;o Story details;o;Symbolism;?;Bibliography of sources;(Works Cited) in MLA format;The;final product will be a multimedia presentation synthesizing the information;outlined above.;This;is a QEP assignment.;Click;Cinderella Graphic Organizer Template to;download the template you must use to complete this project.;Click;Cinderella Graphic Organizer Example and;Sample Presentation to see what is;expected of you for this project.;Email;two versions of Cinderella that will be used for the Culture Through;Literature project no later than Thursday 11:59 PM EST/EDT of Module;5.;Submit;Culture Through Literature: The Story of Cinderella Graphic Organizer and;Presentation to the Dropbox no later than Sunday 11:59 PM EST/EDT of;Module 7. (This Dropbox basket is linked to Turnitin.);Post;Culture Through Literature: The Story of Cinderella Presentation to a;discussion post in the Module 8 Discussion Board no later than Sunday 11:59;PM EST/EDT of Module 7.;Elements;Criteria;Not;Beginning;Developing;Competent;Evident;Purpose;Clearly identifies;through comparing and contrasting;0;14;17;20;the cultural aspects of each Cinderella;version;(character?s;values, geography, natural resources;and societal values);Perspective;Investigates point(s) of view and;assumptions for;0;4;7;10;each version;Evidence;Supports thesis statement with relevant, sufficient;0;4;7;10;evidence;and defines concepts from reliable sources;Analysis;Analyzes the consequences and implications;of;0;10;12;15;reasoning while accurately comparing;characters;settings, story details and symbolism;Core Value;Addresses core value of respect;specifically and;0;3;4;5;demonstrates its relevance to this;assignment;Decision;States the various options of decision;making and;0;4;7;10;Making;chooses a solution demonstrating the;ability to;compare and contrast each version;Mechanics;Written communication skills demonstrate;effective;0;3;4;5;grammar, usage, sentence structure;Written communication skills demonstrate;effective;0;3;4;5;organization;PowerPoint;Presentation is organized and contains all;relevant;0;4;7;10;Presentation;information related to assignment based on;graphic;organizer;Presentation is attractive and professional;in;0;4;7;10;appearance;Comments;Score: ___/100


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