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Question;Module 1 Discussion;Have you ever taken part in a;ritual that marks an important event in a group that you have belonged to ?;past or present? Describe the ritual and then discuss the importance of it and;what it means to you.;Module 2 Discussion;Select an artifact that expresses;some aspect of a group you belong to. What makes it important? In what ways;have you (or others) used or displayed this object that illustrates its;importance?;Module 3 Discussion;Choose a fairy tale other than;Cinderella, and identify the specific characteristics, conventions, motifs, and;theme that can be found in it.;Module 4 Discussion;Identify a ballad and provide;background information about what type of ballad it is (work song, spiritual;etc.), where it came from, and the meaning behind it. Be sure to include a few;of its verses.;Module 5 Discussion;Locate and read a fable. Summarize;the story and identify its moral. Explain how this story and its moral are;still relevant in today?s society.;Module 6 Discussion;Compare and contrast myths and;pourquoi tales.;Module 7 Discussion;First, describe the two approaches;to fieldwork ? observation and participant-observer. Then explain which;approach you would use and why.;Module 8 Discussion;Class: To receive credit for the QEP;Assignment, you MUST submit your Presentations to the Dropbox. Simply posting;them here will NOT count.;Review a few of your fellow classmates;Presentations. Taking in account the grading rubric for this assignment, post a;substantive review of at least two other classmates' Cinderella Presentations. Be;certain to review someone's who hasn't been reviewed yet.


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