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Question;Imagine that you are;selected as the screenwriter for a newBack to the Futurefilm.;Your sponsors ask that you select a modern figure from popular culture and send;him or her back to the time of the American Revolution. How will your;individual respond to the American Revolutionary efforts? You will write a;short narrative of their adventures. This can be written as an essay, play, or;short story. Utilize the Microsoft? Word? template in Doc Sharing.;An important note:You may not use someone holding a political office. Aim for;creativity in your choice.;You should introduce the;figure that you have chosen. This will require some research on their life;beliefs, and experience. Give a biographical context to the person you are;sending back to this time period.;The Assignment must;include at least two specific historical elements or instances that led to the;American Revolution. Discuss the events or decisions that needed to be made in;the Revolution and how you feel your figure would react to these occurrences.;In addition to referencing the Reading (Chapter 12 or other chapters of your;textbook), cite other credible sources that support your main points of;discussion and your overall proposition. Be sure to cite all sources using the;APA 6thedition style guide;which is available under Course Home.;The essay should be 500?750 words and include source;citations. Complete the Assignment using the Microsoft Word template in Doc;Sharing. Follow the formatting guidelines put forth by the APA 6thedition style of writing. Regardless;of your choice to write your narrative as an essay, play, or short story, you;must begin your assignment with an introduction (with a thesis) and conclude;your Assignment with a conclusion. Submit your work to the Dropbox when it is complete.;


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