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Question;The World's Greatest ProblemThere are many thinkers with ideas about our world's greatest problem. They include globalwarming, racial prejudice, overpopulation, poverty, overwhelming debt among poor nations,hunger, the gap between the haves and the have-nots (especially in the US), disobedience towardGod, etc.Which problem do you think is the world's greatestthe one which threatens the stability and security of the world more than any other?What solutions appeal to you?As usual, give a clear statement of your thesis. Then present arguments in favor of it. Then refuteobjections to it. Then end with a summary of your arguments in the paper.Review the requirements listed in the syllabus for work to be handed in, and make sure that youressay is in the format given there.Good luck! I hope you enjoy the thinking, researching, and writing.


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