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Question;Essay Based on Course Readings and Secondary Sources;Instructions;Design a short;research project that uses secondary sources to explore a complex, debatable;issue from assigned course readings. You may select an issue that you explored;in a previous course essay or choose a new topic. Write an essay that takes a;position the issue based on what you have learned from reading secondary;research sources and course readings. Support your position with evidence from;readings and at least two secondary research sources that are appropriate for;academic writing. The sources that you select should either report on;original primary research sources or use credible and appropriate evidence from;secondary research to support claims.;Purpose;The main purposes;of this assignment are to a) provide you with an opportunity to demonstrate;your overall learning for the course, b) demonstrate your readiness for English;102, and c) introduce you to key strategies for writing research-based essays;in English 102 and other college-level courses. This assignment will help you;learn how to use scholarly databases for college research, evaluate source;material, read research articles, and support a position with evidence from;multiple courses. The research and writing process activities for this;assignment will prepare you for more intensive research-based assignments in;English 102.;Project Steps;1 Identify a complex, debatable issue from;course readings. You may write about the issue that you selected for another;course essay or choose a new topic.;2 Reread selections from course readings to;review key arguments about the issue and to identify supporting evidence to use;in the essay.;3 Find at least two research sources that;present credible and reliable research on your selected issue. Each source;should be appropriate for college-level academic writing, for the focus of your;project, and for the purpose that you would like to achieve with your final;course essay.;4 Read and analyze your research sources.;5 Organize an essay;Essay;Guidelines;? Focus the entire essay on developing and;supporting an insightful argumentative position on a complex academic issue.;? Use the first paragraph to introduce your;narrow, focused issue and your specific thesis statement (not to talk about the;topic in a general way).;? Write a thesis statement that takes a;position on the essay issue. Your thesis statement should present your own;thinking about the issue in response to course readings and research;sources.;? Organize each body paragraph or section;around a clear, argumentative main point (or supporting point for the essay).;Include a topic sentence that introduces the main point of the paragraph or;section. Each topic sentence should help readers understand how that paragraph;or section will support and develop your thesis.;? Focus each paragraph on providing evidence;to explain and support the main point of the paragraph.;? Support your thesis and other assertions;with specific quotes, examples, details, or other evidence from sources.;? Use evidence from course;readings and at least two research sources that are appropriate for;the purpose of your essay and for college-level academic writing. The sources;should focus on presenting research findings (either the authors' own original;research or secondary sources that the authors used for making their;arguments).;? Analyze and evaluate sources in connection;to your thesis statement, do not simply summarize or report on research;information without connecting source material to the point(s) that you are;making as a writer in that section of the essay.;? You may use the first person (i.e., the;word I) to present relevant personal examples and discuss your own;thinking about the essay issue. You may use a few carefully selected;examples from your own experience to introduce your topic and/or support your;thesis. However, the essay should focus primarily on your position on an;academic issue with supporting evidence from multiple sources?not on your own;experience.


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