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Bird by Bird Review




Question;Bird by Bird ReviewAssignment Overview: This assignment gives you the opportunity to read a popular nonfiction book, called Bird By Bird, by Anne Lamott, research facts concerning the author and story, and share your discoveries with others in the class.Assignment Guidelines: For this assignment, you will read Bird by Bird, and then write a three page double-spaced essay which illustrates the following:1. Title/author of the book2. Brief biography of author3. A brief summary of the book4. Why this book is interesting to you and how it inspires you5. Your favorite passage and analysis of craftYou may be as creative as you like with the writing style of this essay. You may include URLs from online sites which relate to the book or author, and you may include images, video clips, or audio clips--whatever makes the writer and writing come alive for you.With respect to format, your essay must meet the MLA format requirements as follows:1. Your personal identification information in the upper left-hand corner of the page as follows:2. Include a centered title that complements your paper. For example:Why You Should Never Run with Scissors3. If your paper is more than one page, your last name and page number should appear in the upper right-hand corner of all subsequent pages like so: Doe 2. (Use Ms Word's header tool.)3. Your paper must be double-spaced.4. You must use Courier5. Your font size must be 10 or 12 pt.6. You must include 1" margins


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