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Question;Positive and Neutral Messages (graded)Most messages we write in the workplace fall into the category of positive or neutral communications. Examples include routine requests, informative or good news announcements, replies to inquiries, messages granting claims, letters of recommendation, and general goodwill messages. What are some strategies for writing these common types of messages successfully? (This Discussion supports TCOs 3 and 11.)Electronic Communication (graded)Your office is moving to a new location. Your colleague, David Burke, is not a strong writer, and he knows that you have recently taken a professional writing seminar. He approached you this morning and asked, "Can you read this draft? I know it's a mess, but I'm swamped with the upcoming move. I want to e-mail it to everyone tomorrow. Can you let me know exactly what's wrong with it and maybe rewrite it for me? Thanks - I owe you one!" Here isDavid's Draft.Assess the strengths and weaknesses of David's draft.Rewrite the e-mail message using the strategies outlined in this week's readings.Let's begin with four to five rewrites. Then, we'll move on to discuss other aspects of electronic communications, including how to write corporate blogs, how to manage e-mail overload, and how to use IM in a professional setting. (This Discussion supports TCOs 2 and 11.)


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