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Module Two: Create a Brochure




Question;Module Two: Create a Brochure40 PointsCreate a tri-fold brochure for a service organization in your community. Alternatively, create a brochure about some academic major or student service on a local community college. Think very carefully about how you want your brochure to alter your readers? attitudes about your subject. Turn in notes from figure 3.1 with your brochure assignment.*Do not forget to refer to the Module Two Rubric.Steps to creating a reader centered Tri-fold Brochure:Review Figure 3.1 (page 62) Writer?s Guide for Defining Your Communication Goals.Determine the purpose of your brochure.Determine what your communication must do in order to be useful to your reader. Describe your reader?s task (page 63).Define the way you want your communication to be persuasive to your reader. Identify the major kinds of information your reader wants from your communication (page 67-68).Gather the information about your reader that enables you to predict how he or she will respond. Describe the way your reader will look for the information ex. pictures/graphs/verbiage (page 68-77).Identify elements of your situation that could influence the way you write and the way your reader responds. Describe the way your reader will use the information (page 77-78).Identify the paper, color schemes and visual aids you want to include in your brochure.Decide on layout of brochure. Front Panel should have the title, basic topic information, and visuals. Other five panels should display information with subtitles, art and other designs.


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