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Module 5 Assignment: Informational Website




Question;Module 5 Assignment: Informational WebsiteModule 5Assignment: Informational Website44 PointsCreate an informational website on a topic that interests you. Begin by identifying a target audience, purpose, and subject for your site. The subject may be related to something you enjoy and know a lot about. Your site should have the following elements: Five or more pages (1 as home page), links among your pages, one or more links to other websites related to your topic, and images.*Do not forget to refer to Project Five?s Rubric.More information on creating your informational website:To count as a ?page? in this project, a page must fill one window on a computer screen when the window is at its maximum size. The material in the window must include some text and images.Observe laws concerning copyright and fair use. Text needs to be written by you, not downloaded or copied. Make sure that images are from open-sources. (See pages 147-151 regarding intellectual property law and documenting sources)All information should be presented in a way that is suited to your audience and purpose. Organize your website to match your readers? search strategies.The pages are easy to navigate individually and as a group. Build a reader-centered, three click hierarchy. Include the main menu and link to the homepage on every page. Put navigational aids in the same location on every page.Help your readers immediately understand the organization of your web pages. Use clear, intuitive information links. Give your pages order, harmony, and proportion.The pages are unified with one another in terms of visual design, writing style, and purpose. Your text is easy to read. The headings are clear and information needs to be presented in small, visually distinct chunks.Turn in an email memo to your instructor that identifies the audience and purpose of your site (See page 481 for an example Email memo).Post your site on a server and include the URL in your memo.


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