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Question;ssignment 1 - Persuasive LetterReview the Power Point onPersuasive Writing, then respond to the following prompt:You have been employed in your current position for almost five years, in fact, your five year anniversary with the company is coming up in a month. In five years, your position has greatly expanded. As the company has downsized and has not replaced employees who left for another position or retired, you have taken on more and more work. Actually, if you thought about it, you're really doing the work of 4 or 5 staff. You've increased the client base by an average of about 10 new clients a month and your customer satisfaction ratings are always in the top 10% of the firm. However, your compensation has not increased to match the increase in responsibilities and you have seen others in your position brought in at a higher salary. The fact that you have a college degree and over 10 years of experience in the same field adds to your frustration and you've decided to celebrate your fifth anniversary by writing to your supervisor to request a pay increase. You sit down to draft the one-page letter now, determined to make the case for an increase in salary.Grading CriteriaIs 1-page typed, double-spaced, in business letter formatIs free from grammar errors, spelling mistakes, and typosDemonstrates the techniques for effective persuasive writingUses appropriate tone and languageIs submitted on time using the file name "your name" persuasive letter


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