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UMUC WRTG394 Assignment 2 Employment Package




Question;Assignment 2 Employment PackageInstructionsTo begin this assignment, complete the "Cover Letter Tutorial" and "Resume Tutorialfound on the UMUC Career Services web page, then respond to the following prompt.In this assignment you will craft a resume and cover letter for an actual position opening that you have found in the classifieds, on the Internet, or other job posting area. You will also analyze the match between this position and your experience/education. The goal is for you to get an interview for this position, so you want to sell yourself both in the resume and in the cover letter. Try to pick a position that you are qualified for at this time. Also, look for job postings that give you information about the position. In other words, avoid those positions that just say, ?Able bodies wanted!!? This kind of posting is very general and is difficult to sell your particular skills to since you do not know exactly what the employer really wants.Resumes do have a design emphasis to them. Realize that a resume is an employer?s first impression of you. Many prospective applicants have been tossed aside due to a sloppy resume and/or a grammatically incorrect cover letter. Make sure that your resume gets your foot in the door to an interview and not to the trash can. Be aware of the visual impact of your resume. If you are applying for an advertising/marketing/artistic position, you may want some flare to your resume, maybe even color. However, use your judgment to match format to position type/industry.Your Employment Package must include:Job posting/listingCover letterResumeGrading CriteriaCover Letter in appropriate business letter formatCover letter fulfills purpose of such a letter (i.e., to catch and maintain employer interest)Resume in appropriate template and structureResume fulfills purpose of such a document (i.e., matches job to person to secure interview)Both documents free from grammar and spelling areasAppropriate use of parallel structure throughoutJob positing attached to documentsEffective match between job posting, resume and cover letterSubmitted on time using the file name "your name" employment package


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