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UMUC WRTG394 assignment 5 all parts




Question;Assignment 5.1 - Annotated Bibliography;Instructions;Assignment 5.2: Outline and Annotated Bibliography;Review the information on creating an Annotated;Bibliographies available on the Purdue Owl site, then;complete an submit an Annotated Bibliography for your Research Report paper;that includes each of the following components;3 to 5 scholarly sources;cited using correct APA formatBrief description of the;source and its value to your research (why you selected it) Then, generate an outline for your paper, following the;guidlines in Creating an;Effective Outline;Folder;Assignment 5.2 - Research Report Draft;Instructions;Your Draft of Assignment 5, the Research Report, is due to 1) your;Research Report Draft assignment folder, and 2) your Peer Edit group on November;30, 2014, by 11:59 PM.;Your final research report should be 5-7 pages, not including title;page and reference page. The report must contain the following;sections;Introduction of the topicBackground on the topicYour research questionsHow you conducted your;research (methodology)Your findings (what you;found out from your research)Your recommendations based;on your findingsConclusion (to sum up)You will be graded on the following criteria;Contains all required;sections/informationUses evidence from the;research to support main pointsMeets length and format;requirementsUses correct APA citation;for sourcesIs free from grammar and;punctuation errors;Assignment 5.4 - Research Report Briefing Presentation;Instructions;As the final component for your Research Report Paper, you;will prepare and present a 10 minute Research Briefing on your topic. You will prepare 3-5 slides to present your;research topic. This briefing will be;presented in class on either December 2 or December 9, 2014, and is a required;component of the Research Report Package.;Please be sure to include the following in your presentation;Background of the issue or problem;Research questions and methodology;Your findings;Your conclusion;Your sources;You will be graded on the following;Inclusion of required parts/information;Visual appeal of slides;Quality of information;Oral presentation skills;Time limits (no longer than 10 minutes with a 2minute +/-;grace);Start Date


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