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Module 1 Assignment: Create a R?sum? and Job Application Letter




Question;Module 1 Assignment: Resume WritingModule 1 Assignment: Create aR?sum? and Job Application Letter59 PointsWrite a r?sum? and job application letter addressed to some real person in an organization with which you could actually seek employment. Imagine that you are a graduate, with a full time position and have decided to change jobs-perhaps to obtain a promotion, secure higher pay, or find more challenging and interesting work. Also attach the Job Description/Announcement. *Do not forget to refer to Project One?s Rubrics.Steps to creating a reader centered approach to R?sum? writing:(35 Points)Identify the organization to which you will apply and which position or department you will apply for. Define your r?sum??s objectives by learning what your reader wants (page 23).Remember to focus on what you will give to the employer?s organization, not what you want to get from it (page 29). Plan your r?sum? by thinking creatively about your qualifications, deciding how long your r?sum? should be, and choosing the type of r?sum? you will prepare (page 26).Choose the type of r?sum? you will prepare. Draft your r?sum??s text to highlight the qualifications that will most appeal to the employer (page 27).Design your r?sum??s appearance to support rapid reading, emphasize your qualifications, and look attractive (page 35). Check for visual balance.Revise your r?sum? to increase its impact and to eliminate grammatical errors and inconsistencies (page 40). Read your final product carefully, trying to see it as the employer would. 2. Steps to creating a Job Application Letter: (24 Points)Define your letter?s objectives by identifying the questions the employer wants it to answer, including ?Why us?? and ?What would you contribute? (page 46)?Plan ways to answer the employer?s question about your interest and potential contributions persuasively. Make sure you plan your job application letter by conducting the research necessary to answer the reader?s questions (page 47).Draft a letter that answers the employer?s questions clearly and with details. Make sure you identify the job you want, demonstrate your knowledge of the employer?s company or organization, explain why you have chosen to apply to this employer, explain how your qualifications enable you to contribute to the employer?s success and indicate the next steps you will take. (page 47-48)Revise your letter to increase its impact and assure that you project a favorable image of yourself. (page 51). Every detail matters.


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