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Module 3 Assignment: Writing a Proposal




Question;Module 3 Assignment: Create a Research Proposal50 PointsWrite a 400-800 word proposal involving a current issue or event. Hypothetically, this would be the question/focus of a research paper.*Do not forget to refer to the Project Three Rubric.Steps to creating a Project Proposal:1. Review Figure 3.1 (page 62) Writer?s Guide for Defining Your Communication Goals.2. Review Figure 4.6 (page 102) Planning for Usefulness3. Review Figure 5.9 (page 126) Planning for Persuasive Strategies4. Create a Proposal Draft. The draft needs to answer the following questions: ? What kind of communication do you wish to prepare? ? Who will its readers be? ? What are its goals? +What is the final result you want it to bring about? +What task will it enable its readers to perform? +How will it alter its readers? attitudes? ? What will your proposal solution look like? ? Can you write the communication effectively and in a timely manner?5. You should introduce the problem you will be handling in the hypothetical research paper and why your readers should be interested in it. This should be written in 3rd person. Some history of issue needs to be addressed. End the paragraph with a question/state your topic here.6. Explain why this issue is compelling to you. You need to write this in 3rd person. Your reader will ask, ?What results will your proposed solutions produce or what capabilities will it have?? and ?How do you propose to do these things?? Your reader will examine your responses carefully, trying to determine whether your overall strategy and your specific plans are likely to work.7. Explain what more you think you need to learn and how you plan to get that information (answering your hypothetical research question) and follow through with the project. This needs to be written in first person. Consider the sources you might have to consult: journals, newspapers, internet, authorities in the field, television programs, etc. You will need to let your readers know what it will cost to implement your proposal and whether the cost will be worth it to them. If your readers pay or authorize you to perform the work, how will they know whether they can depend on you to deliver what you promise?8. Your proposal should include the following superstructures for proposals (page 487): Introduction, Problem, Objectives, Solution, and Costs


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