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Question;Please post any questions that you have about the course here. If you want to discuss a question privately, email me directly.Unit 2.1 DB: Two ReadingsPlease respond to both ?Just Walk on By? (pages 210-212) and ?Iron Bonding.? You should write one initial post per reading and then, after Wednesday, respond to at least two other comments from your classmates. Let the discussion unfold naturally and respond with verve.?Just Walk on By?In response to not only his own experience, but the experience of a black journalist as well, Brett Staples states that ?Such episodes are not uncommon. Black men trade tales like this all the time.? Do you think this is still the case in 2013? What do you believe accounts for this behavior??Iron Bonding?Alan Buczynski states that, ?The notion prevails that men's emotional communication skills are less advanced than that of chimpanzees, that we can no more communicate with one another than can earthworms.? To what extent (if any) do you think this is true? Provide a specific example. Do you believe the author equally falls into the ?earthworm? category? Why or why not?Unit 2.2 DB: Quotes And In-text CitationsAPA formatting requires the use of in-text citations to avoid plagiarizing and to give credit to the author of that source. The basic in-text citation for a summary or paraphrase is formatted at the end of a sentence where you use information from an outside source with the author's last name and year the piece was published like this: (Smith, 2002). When using a direct quote, you must use the author's last name, year the piece was published and page number or paragraph number like this: (Smith, 2002, p. 3). Read over pages 628-630 in your text on how to format an in-text citation. Then, write one paragraph on how you were stereotyped or you witnessed another person being stereotyped, and include one direct quotation from "Just Walk on By" (pages 210-212) to support your ideas. Remember to add an in-text citation at the end of the sentence where you use summary, paraphrase, or quotation. Look over the APA formatting tab to help create your in-text citation.Unit 3.1 DB: Definition EssaysPlease respond to both ?Why I Want a Wife? (pages 312-313) and ?The Handicap of Definition? (pages 314-316). You should write one initial post per reading and then, after Wednesday, respond to at least two other comments from your classmates. Let?s bring the Discussion Board to life!?Why I Want a Wife?Judy Brady makes certain assumptions about wives. Do you feel that the same assumptions can be made about husbands? If so, why aren?t they? If not, what are some common, and perhaps false, assumptions made about husbands??The Handicap of Definition?What do you think of William Raspberry?s definition of the term ?black?? Does he have one consistent definition or does it change from example to example. Do you consider your race part of your definition?Unit 4.1 DB: Two Ways to Belong in AmericaIn ?Two Ways to Belong in America? (pages 379-381), Bharati Mukherjee compares and contrasts her relationship with America and her sister?s relationship with America. Which sister do you feel is more justified in her feelings towards her country of residence? Explain your answer.Unit 4.2 DB: Google vs. Scholarly SourcesIn academic writing, you will be required to support your ideas with credible, focused sources. Google is a go-to for answering many questions, but might not be the best way to research for an academic essay. Research the topic of Student Loans on Google, and also using the Directory of Open Access Journals. You can use the advanced search to narrow your search on DOAJ. Once you research student loans on both Google and DOAJ, write one paragraph of your findings comparing and contrasting the two different ways to research. Compare and contrast the number of results and the amount of time it took to find a credible source. Which site had more credible sources? What made these sources credible?Unit 5.1: Students Who Push BurgersSome commentators now see higher education as a place where "consumers" (part or full-time students) "purchase" education on much the same basis as shoppers use to purchase anything--price, convenience, amenities. Others argue that students who take this approach may end up with degrees but will miss out on what the college experience has to offer and enter the workforce at a disadvantage compared to their more studious colleagues. After reading " Students Who Push Burgers", what is your stance on this topic? Be sure to support your argument and refer to the reading.Unit 6.1 BD: Beauty?and the BeastIn her essay ?Beauty?and the Beast of Advertising?, Jean Kilbourne states that ?women are shown almost exclusively as housewives or sex objects.? While we like to think this isn?t the case, it is at the very least the norm. Can you think of an instance where this is not the case? What part of Kilbourne?s essay to you find to ring the truest? How so?JOURNAL EXCHANGEBy Thursday at midnight, upload your journal as one Word document to the discussion board. Then, read and review your partner's journal. Write one paragraph to help them strengthen their journal entries and reply by Sunday at 11:59PM.Unit 7 DiscussionChoose one topic from the list below to explain step by step in paragraph form. This should be at least two paragraphs long. Then, use the Questions for Reviewing a Process Analysis Essay on page 262 to review two of your classmates' posts. Be sure to answer those questions in paragraph form instead of just answering yes or no. After reading the essay, you should be able to understand and complete the task according to their description. If you are confused about process, include this in your review of the piece.Possible topics:How to change a flat tireHow to change your oilHow to prepare your favorite mealHow to lose weightHow to make a good first impressionHow to become a better public speakerHow to find a high-paying jobHow to succeed in collegeUnit 8 DiscussionAfter watching the videos and reading through the articles on writing, answer the following questions:1. What is your writing process? How do you brainstorm for a topic to write about?2. What information from the readings and videos can you use in your own writing in the future?3. Looking back to the beginning of the course, how has your writing process changed? If it has not changed, how can you change it to be more efficient with your writing in the future?


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