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Question;unit 1 dissread through the abstract of " Do First-Year University;Students Know What to Expect from Their First-Year Writing Intensive;Course?;First, paraphrase the abstract into your own words and;include an in-text citation and reference.;After writing your initial paraphrase, answer the following;questions about your classmates paraphrases: (in a paragraph or more);What is the main idea of the paraphrase?;What suggestions can you give to improve the paraphrase?;Was the in-text citation correctly written in APA?;Was this paraphrase easier to understand than the original;passage? Why or why not?;Unit 2.1 DB: Artificial Intelligence;After reading the articles, answer the following;How has Artificial Intelligence directly affected your life;over the past few years? What is your future career? Do you believe that this;career can be replaced by Artifical Intellgence? Justify your answer by finding;one credible source and using at least one quotation in your response.;What are some of the possible consequences of jobs being;replaced by Artificial Intelligence?;Unit 2.2 DB: Movie Critique;Read through some movie reviews on a few sites from Roger;Ebert, The New York Times, and Yahoo Movies.;Then, choose a movie that you have recently watched and;write a two paragraph critique of the movie. Remember to be objective (no;I", "we", "you") and include supporting details;from the movie to follow your theis describing the positives or negatives of;the movie.


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