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Question;unit 3Classify yourself as a digital immigrant or a digital;native. Use one credible source to support this claim. Then, answer the;following;What is your current age? Does this affect how you classify;yourself?;If age does not matter in classifying yourself, then what;other qualities could help explain why you chose to classify yourself as such?;What predictions can you make about digital natives and;digital immigrants in the future?;Is one group at a disadvantage more than the other? Why?;Unit 4 DB: Research Essay Introduction;The final research essay will be due at the end of Unit 7;but it's always good to get a head start on projects like this.;Post your introduction (it should include your thesis;statement) for your research essay. You may chose your topic from the following;choices: art/music therapy, holistic medicine, health care, education reform;social media, free birth control, male/female roles and stereotypes, nutrition;plagiarism and cheating, nature vs. nurture.;After posting, answer the following questions about your;classmates' posts;What is the thesis?;What position on the topic is the writer taking?;What part about the introduction draws you in and makes you;want to continue to read the essay? If nothing draws you in, suggest two ways;to make the introduction more interesting.;What parts of the introduction are missing an in-text;citation? (If there is any information that is not common knowledge, make note;that this needs to be cited)


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