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Question;unit 5After choosing your position from one of the topics listed;in the assignment overview, find two scholarly sources to support your;position. In two paragraphs of five to seven sentences, compare and contrast;the points in each article to develop your position on the topic.;After posting your initial response by Wednesday at;midnight, respond to at least two of your classmates by Sunday with the;following;Find one scholarly source with an opposing point of view and;write one paragraph developing an argument against the original argument;Remember that this argument should be logical, follow APA;guidelines with in-text citations and references, and should oppose the;arguments of your classmates;This is not a time to fight about what is right or wrong;but to show how you can argue for or against any topic no matter what you;believe;Unit 6 DB: Research Essay;Write one paragraph answering the following about your;research essay;Why did you choose your topic and narrowed topic?;What about your topic will be of interest to your audience?;Share one interesting fact that you have found so far to support your thesis.;Remember to use an in-text citation and reference.;From your research, what is the most surprising fact that;you have learned about your topic?;What type of information do you still need to find to finish;your research essay?;What has the hardest part of the research process been so;far?;After writing your paragraph, respond to two other posts by;addressing the following;Using scholarly sources (The Library tab in Blackboard);find one source relevant to your classmates' topic and share the link.;After reading the article, write a short paragraph;explaining why this source would support their topic.


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