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Question;unit 7after writing essays for the past seven weeks, read through;the articles on the writing process. Choose one reading to summarize in a short;paragraph including an in-text citation and a reference. Then, ask a question;at the end of your post about the revision process relating to the readings.;Remember to respond to at least two posts by Sunday at;midnight.;Unit 8 DB: Obedience to Authority;After watching the Stanford Prison Experiment video, choose;what role you would rather play in the experiment. Explain the reasoning for;your answer. What does this show about your personality related to authority;and obedience?;Water Cooler;The Water Cooler discussion board is for students to discuss;issues related - or not - to the course. Ask questions, offer support, or take;a break here. The instructor will NOT regularly monitor this board. If you have;questions for your instructor, use the Ask the Instructor discussion board.


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