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Question;Writing Assignment 1Write a well-developed and well-supported 500-word essay on the roles of love and/or desire in Ovid?s version of the ?The Story of Orpheus and Eurydice.? Explain how love and/or desire are defined and expressed in the myth. You may want to use portions of Plato?sSymposiumto define your terms. As you develop your argument, consider why Orpheus disobeys his orders and glances back to Eurydice. Be sure to support your argument with evidence from the text in the form of direct quotations and paraphrase.ClickWriting Assignment Guidelines and Rubric for further details.Submit Writing Assignment 1 to the Dropboxno later than Sunday 11:59 PM EST/EDT. (This Dropbox basket is linked to Turnitin.)ENG 210CLWriting Assignment Guidelines and RubricThe format for the Writing Assignment must be double-spaced, have a maximum font size of 12, and bein MLA format. Make sure to use MLA documentation format and include a works cited page if you useoutside sources. You are not expected to use outside sources, but if you choose to do so, ensure that youare properly documenting those sources. From the Course Menu, you can access online library resourcesand MLA information. (From the Online Library Resources page, click on Recommended Websites, thenResearch and Writing Help, then Citation Help.)Details for each Writing Assignment are located in the module in which they are due.


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