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Question;Descriptive or Definition ParagraphFor this assignment, you will choose whether you wish to write a;200-word Descriptive Paragraph that describes a person, place, or;object, or a 200-word Definition Paragraph that defines an abstract;concept or idea in order to make a point.Descriptive or Definition Paragraph Prewriting Steps:After;reviewing the presentations entitled ?How to Write a Descriptive;Paragraph? and ?How to Write a Definition Paragraph,? select which;paragraph you plan to write, you only need to choose one (1) of the two;(2) options.Once you have made your choice, open the document;that corresponds with your selection. For the Descriptive Paragraph, you;would open the ?Descriptive Paragraph Prewriting Template.? For the;Definition Paragraph, you would open the ?Definition Paragraph;Prewriting Template.?After reading the instructions within the document, complete each step: Planning, Rough Draft, Revised Draft, and Edited Draft.Save;the Prewriting document as you progress through each step and submit;the completed assignment through the appropriate assignment link.Descriptive or Definition Paragraph Final Steps:Before;beginning, consider reviewing the feedback from your instructor;regarding your prewriting for the Descriptive Paragraph or the;Definition Paragraph.Open the Final Template document that;corresponds with the assignment you selected, either the ?Descriptive;Paragraph Final Template? or the ?Definition Paragraph Final Template.?Review the instructions within the document.Complete your final draft in the space provided within the document.Below the final draft is an honor statement. Sign the honor statement by typing your name in the space provided.


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