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Are Integrated Devices Safer Than Handheld Devices




Question;?Are Integrated Devices Safer Than Handheld Devices?? p. 471-475;Steps;1.;Read both articles in this chapter.;2.;Decide which side of this issue your paper will present/argue.;3.;Prewrite initial ideas/thoughts on your argument. Spend a good deal of time doing this.;4.;Research. Find sources to support your points. You may use any selection from the textbook as;a source.;5.;Draft your paper.;6.;Revise your paper.;7.;Edit your paper.;Length: Minimum of 3 pages, double spaced, 12 font;?;POV: Use the 3rd person objective point of view (do not use 1st person ?I? in this paper).;?;Thesis: Your thesis should state an assertion and the rest of the paper should argue for that;assertion, the thesis should be the last sentence of the introduction;?;Format: MLA format (can be found in CIEQ and MHH).;Sources: 3-4 sources, you may only use sources you find using the HCC Library Databases or;in the sources mentioned


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