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DEVRY ENG112 WEEK 5 and week 6 discussions




Question;week 5 discussionForming a Position (graded)Let?s use our discussion forum as a space to practice writing and to determine the viability of possible topics. To begin, find a topic that is currently in the news and provide us with some brief background (the who, what, when, where,and howof the topic). Then continue your summary by explaining the positions others hold on the topic. What do the true believers of the issue think? What do the ultimate doubters have to say? Finally, what is your position on the issue? Remember: The best topics aren?t just focused on pro/con debates. Though this activity asks you to look at the extreme sides of the issue, your opinion might fall somewhere in the middle or contain elements of each side.Beginning Research (graded)This week?s assignment asks you to begin researching your chosen topic and to summarize other perspectives on your issue. Begin by reviewing the library tutorial from the class lecture. Then use the Academic Search Premier database via the DeVry Library to begin searching for sources. Once you have found a source, summarize it in a post below. Then discuss the credibility of the source by identifying the author?s background, credentials, and relationship to the topic. Make an overall assertion regarding whether or not the source is credible, and explain why. Finally, use the APA resources in class and Chapter 28 in your text to write out the full reference of the source, and include that in your post.week 6 discussionPosition-Based Writing (graded)Please read ?A Gay Man?s Case Against Gay Marriage? by Michael Bronski on pages 687?690 of your text. Then reply with your analysis of the rhetorical situation of the essay. What is Bronski?s reason for writing? What is his purpose and angle? Who do you think his audience might be? Finally, think about the writing strategies Bronski uses to achieve his overall purpose. Based on our discussions of commentary and argumentative writing, what strategies do you think he relies upon to present his position?Integrating Research in APA Style (graded)Last week, you were introduced to the Academic Search Premier database through the library tutorial in your lecture. Because you are drafting this week, share one paragraph with us here that shows how you?ve integrated a source into your writing. The source should be summarized, paraphrased, or directly quoted. Additionally, an in-text citation and author tag should be present. Finally, provide the full end reference in APA style with us here as well. This is not only practice for drafting this week, but it?s also a good way to receive some feedback from your peers on your writing.


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