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Question;1.Which transition is most likely to be used in showing seque A. Additionally B. In other words C. To begin with D. Consequently 2.Which statement is correct? A. Once you write a thesis statement, don?t change it. B. A thesis statement is the first thingyou should write before drafting an essay. C. Feel free to change a thesis statement if you feel you can improve it. D. If you change your thesis statement, you must reorganize all your body paragraphs. Your text offers you a ?flex? form intended to help you3.A. record your thoughts while drafting an essay. B. take citation notes from a variety of sources. C. organize an outline for your proposed essay. D. keep track of a well-thought-out study schedule. 4.In a biography, all of the following would be a primarysource except for which one? A. A telegram sent to the subject by a friend B. An essay written about the subject by a former colleague C. The personal testimony of the subject?s widow, gathered in an interview D. The subject?s official military record 5.Whichstatement is true? A. The first sentence of your essay should announce what you?re going to write about. B. A statement of fact can serve as a good thesis statement. C. To avoid vague language, use a generalization in your thesis statement. D. Express onemain idea in your thesis statement. 6.The word ?journal? is derived from the French word for A. diary. B. day. C. daily. D. data. 7.With respect to transitional words or phrases in an essay, which transition is most likely to be used in showing consequences?A. With few exceptions B. In the meantime C. For example D. As a result 8.A strong thesis statement features all of the following characteristics except for which one? A. It?s specific to the topic. B. It expresses no more than three main ideas. C. It takesa stand supported by evidence. D. It encourages and justifies debate and discussion. 9.While researching a topic, online or in print, any of the following may be an indicator of reliability except for which one? A. The author or authors are experts in a particularfield. B. The author?s topic is similar to your selected topic. C. The author evaluates both sides of an issue. D. The author has sound credentials. 10.All of the following are primary sources except for which one? A. A novel by Ernest Hemingway B. Letterswritten during the Civil War C. A poem by ***** ***** Yeats D. Research that examines 15 different research reports 11.Which of the following is not a good way to narrow down and choose a topic? A. Choose a topic that interests you. B. Choose topics thatare beyond your current knowledge. C. Avoid topics that already get lots of attention, such as dieting. D. Avoid topics derived from breaking news. 12.After you?ve completed an essay, what?s the first thing you should do to add finishing touches? A. Read the essay from front to back as you would read someone else?s essay. B. Read it out loud to a friend. C. Set it aside for a time in order to come back to it with fresh eyes. D. Make sure your sentences follow a logical sequence. 13.Which thesis statement is the strongest? A. The most effective way to create jobs, in my opinion, is through government-supported programs aimed at renewing the nation?s infrastructure. B. I think the most effective way to create jobs is through government-supported programs aimed at renewingthe nation?s infrastructure. C. The most effective way to create jobs is through government-supported programs aimed at renewing the nation?s infrastructure. D. I strongly believe that the most effective way to create jobs is through government-supported programsaimed at renewing the nation?s infrastructure. 14.Regarding prewriting options, which statement is true? A. You must begin by preparing a topic outline. B. A first draft must be the basis for a topic outline. C. Most students choose to write a first draftinstead of an outline. D. Most students choose to begin with a topic outline instead of a first draft. 15.Alice and Andrew are discussing thesis development. Alice argues that a topic becomes a thesis if we want to write about the topic. Andrew, on the otherhand, maintains that a topic is not a thesis but that a thesis is the foundation of a topic. Who is correct? A. Alice is correct. B. Andrew is correct. C. Neither Alice nor Andrew is correct. D. Both are partially correct. 16.In researching academic journal sources for an essay, which of these criteria most strongly suggests that the source is relevant to your topic? A. The author looks at both sides of an issue. B. The author graduated from Harvard. C. The abstract summary suggests a possible working thesis.D. The author is an expert in his or her field and has won many awards. 17.According to Tardiff and Brizee, an essay that makes a claim supported by evidence is classified as an _______ essay.A. expository B. analytical C. argumentative D. explanatory


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