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DEVRY ENG112 WEEK 1 and week 2 discussions




Question;week 1 discussionThe Brand of You (graded)As discussed in this week?s lecture, the Brand of You is created from the perception you give others through your writing. In creating the brand of you, how do you decide what to tell, how to tell it, and what to leave out? If given the task of introducing your personal brand through writing, what specific characteristics or attributes of yourself would you share? What stories would serve to provide the greatest impact? What memories would be the most telling in introducing who you are?Though we?ll work to answer these questions throughout the week, let's do a concrete exercise to get started: First, in seven words, tell us who you are and what you do. Try to draft a phrase that serves as our introduction to you (see examples below). Place this phrase in the subject line of your response post and then provide us with details to show us how this title represents your personal brand. Using vivid, concrete, descriptive words, share an example, anecdote, or scenario that brings your personal brand to life for your audience and provides an impression of who you are. This example should be written as the content of your actual post and should, at minimum, be at least one full paragraph.Here are some examples of seven-word biographies:Hopeless romantic infatuated with all movie starsCreative entomologist enjoys bees, hives, and honeyDesperate Facebook user needs to go outsideDiscovering an Angle (graded)Spend some time searching online news sources, such as,,, or your own local news outlet. Although it?s often hard to find topics that are entirely new, the key to communicating a topic through writing is to present it with a fresh angle. What topics are you finding in the news today? What new angles are being presented? What current events or social changes have prompted these new angles? (Please be sure to include a URL with your post. If you use exact phrases or sentences from your chosen article, be sure to place that information in quotation marks.)This section lists options that can be used to view responses.week 2 discussionThe Profile Genre (graded)Please read Carl Wilkinson?s profile, Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters, on pages 622?626 of your text. What writing techniques does Wilkinson use to meet the profile genre? How do these strategies help establish meaning, and what impression do they leave about Grohl? (Be sure to be specific in your response, pointing to areas of the text and noting both page and paragraph numbers.)Getting Started Writing (graded)Drawing on one of the strategies for writing introductions outlined in your text or the lecture, post a draft of your introductory paragraph(s) as your first post. Then, throughout the week, reply to your classmates with feedback on their introductory paragraphs. Note how or why an introduction caught your attention and explain what impression it gives you about the essay?s larger purpose. Also explain how your classmate?s voice, tone, or diction contributes to the overall effectiveness of the introduction.


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