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Question;Associate Level MaterialAppendix FResearch PlanAs part of your Research Plan, you must draft a research question for your research paper. A research question, which is more specific and focused than a general topic, is the question that you will answer in your paper. For example, if your general area of interest is Social Security, a potential research question might ask, ?How might low-income families save more money under a reformed Social Security plan that includes personal retirement accounts??As you develop a research question, keep in mind that you will research sources with both supporting and differing viewpoints. Do not select a narrow or one-sided issue that will limit your research, instead, develop a research question that lends itself to further exploration and debate.What is your topic or area of interest?In what ways is this topic appropriate for a persuasive essay?What is your research question?How is your research question significant or relevant to the wider community?What background information provides the preliminary grounds for your research?What are some expert or authoritative sources of information for your topic?What types of materials do you expect to review for your research paper?What procedures will you follow to conduct your research?What difficulties do you anticipate in conducting your research and supporting your side of the issue?


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