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Part I: Communication Competence Analysis




Question;Part I: Communication Competence AnalysisReview the Communication Competence summary on pages 22?23. Complete the checklist and write a response in three parts that addresses the following using clear headings:1.Pick two to three competencies from the listing for which you feel you are currently strong, and describe why you feel that way.2.Pick two to three competencies from the listing for which you feel you currently need improvement, and describe why you feel that way.Each section should be written with at least three paragraphs (with a minimum of three to four sentences each) of commentary, which is in addition to any quoting from the listing you may choose to do. It may be helpful to explain your thought process and provide examples to give explanation to your descriptions of why you feel that way. This is not a formal paper, but college-level spelling, grammar, and syntax are expected.Part II: General Improvement StrategyUsing one of the competencies you felt needed improvement in Part I, develop an improvement strategy that follows the Communication Improvement Strategy Table in the weekly lecture. You may choose to format this into a table or write it in paragraph form. With whichever option, you should include your work in the same Word file (.docx) as Part I and have clear labels for the four main areas: problem, goal, plan, and test of measurability.Use this information to begin the Communication Change Challenge (CCC) Course Project below.


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