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Chapman Eng329 week 9 assignment




Question;Week 9;Deconstruction Guide assignment;Do;examples no. 1 and 8 in the Deconstruction Guide. The best way is to cut and paste the example in;a new Word file. If the instructions ask;for you to highlight a point, do so in a color, like red or yellow. if it asks you to underline a section, define;the section or sentence and then use the underline type mode. If it asks to label a section, type the label in boldface type in the;appropriate place. Here?s an example;(Reuters) - The level of radiation detected at the;Tokyo Electric Power Co Fukushima plant has fallen steadily over the past 12;hours, an official at Japan's Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency;said on Thursday.;A level of 752 microsieverts per hour;was recorded at the plant's main gate at 5 p.m. (0800 GMT) on Wednesday, said the official, Tetsuo Ohmura. The monitoring point was then;changed to the plant's west gate and readings were taken every 30 minutes, he;said. At 5 a.m. the reading was 338 microsieverts per hour.;That level was still much higher then it should be, but was not;dangerous, and that by comparison absorption of a level;of 400 was normal from being outside over the course of a year, Ohmura said.;(Reporting by Terril Jones);Find;an example of direct evidence and underline it.;Highlight;an assertionFOR THE ASSIGNMENT, WRITE A 300 WORD ESSAY ON;WHAT ARE THE THREE MOST VALUABLE TAKE-A-WAYS, THINGS YOU THINK MOST USEFUL, IN;GOING THROUGH THE POYNTER PROGRAM AND WHY..


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