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Question;Assignment;After thoroughly reading and researching a topic, complete the weekly;assignments addressing a topic from one of the course themes, leading to;two drafts that are revised in a final 8- to 10-page research project.;The purpose of the assignment is to present an argument and support it;persuasively with relevant, properly attributed source material. The;primary audience for the project will be determined in prewriting tasks.;The secondary audience is an academic audience that includes your;professor and fellow classmates.;Course assignments will help you develop your interest in a theme and;topic, engage in discussion with your professor and classmates, and;then learn to apply search strategies to retrieve quality sources.;By the end of the course, you will submit a Course Project that meets;the requirements for scope and which includes the following content;areas.;IntroductionAttention-getting hookTopic, purpose, and thesisBackgroundRelevance to readerBody;Logically presented, point-by-point argument with evidence;(the number of sections may differ by paper, but you should plan to have at least three)Section 1 (2?5 paragraphs)Section 2 (2?5 paragraphs)Section 3 (2?5 paragraphs)Section 4 (2?5 paragraphs)Section 5 (2?5 paragraphs)Conclusion;Assignment Requirements;Original writing of 8?10 pages created during this courseAttributed support from outside research with in-text citations;that correspond to the five required sources listed on the References;page, a minimum of one source must be included from the Course Theme Reading List APA 6th edition use of Title page and running headers, in-text;and parenthetical citations, and References for all sources used in the;projectFinal draft addresses all professor and peer content and citation;revision suggestions and concerns from earlier drafts, final draft of;the Course Project is the result of revision and represents consistent;improvement over the first draftREAD THESE NOTES FROM PROFESSOR:****************************************


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