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DEVRY ENGL092 WEEK 3 Progress Check 1




Question;Progress Check #1 (graded)In Week 1 you completed Reading Module #1 and it is now time for a check on your progress! Reading Module #1 began with an overview, then provided a model and guided practice, and concluded by providing a chance for you to independently apply the concept.You will take a Progress Check following each Reading Module in the course. Progress Checks reinforce the reading concept by having you first identify and describe the reading strategy, then identify the strategies a model uses, and finally, to independently demonstrate your ?mastery? of the concept.DirectionsThis week, you will complete Progress Check #1 - this is the first of three Progress Checks throughout the course (Weeks 3, 5, & 7). Please see Doc Sharing for the Progress Check #1 file. Complete this file and submit it to the dropbox.Submit your assignment to the Dropbox located on the silver tab at the top of this page


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