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DEVRY ENGL092 WEEK 6 Progress Check 3




Question;Week;6 ? Assignment Instructions ? Process Letter;Every;personal essay, book chapter, newspaper article, magazine profile, scholarly;research article?everything that you read in the English language is comprised;of these parts;1. Introduction;2. Details and development;3. Organizational plan (invisible, but;present in the writer?s mind and used to create a good piece of writing that;makes sense to the reader?s mind);4. Voice and tone;5. Sentence mechanics;6. Grammar, spelling, and punctuation;7. Conclusion;Your;?Process Letter? will touch on four areas, so your letter will be five or six;paragraphs long?you will have your letter?s introduction, a paragraph devoted;to each of the following elements, and a conclusion. The elements you will write about are;1.;Introduction of your response essay;2.;Details and development you want to include in your response essay;3.;Organizational plan you want to use in your response essay;4.;Conclusion to your response essay;(Sentence;mechanics and grammar, spelling, and punctuation are important, but they are;?proofreading? items that a Smarthinking tutor can review.);Get;started by thinking about these questions.;To write your ?Process Letter,? use what you?ve learned about the entire;writing process: create an idea map/outline;of your answers to these questions, then draft your letter, let it set for a;day or two, then return to it and make sure that it includes everything you;want your instructor to know about your plans for your essay.;Here;are some questions to get you started with your ?Process Letter:?;1.;What lesson do you want your readers to;learn from your essay about your gifts and what you really need? OR What do you;want your readers to understand about you and your values?;2.;How will you revise your introduction to get your reader?s interest and to let;him/her know how you?ll proceed through the essay?;3.;How will you organize your essay so it presents your points in the best order;possible?;4.;What details and development are you going to use to build up your essay and;make good, strong connections with your reader?;5.;How will you conclude your essay to leave your reader with a strong statement;about your perspective and why it?s important?;Remember;that the purpose of this essay is to help you make conscious decisions, as a;writer, about how you are going to revise and improve your written work.;Here;is a sample ?Process Letter.? You can;download a copy from Doc Sharing, too;Dear Ms. Q;My essay on the Po Bronson article is;important to me. It?s made me stop to;think about what I?m doing with my life and what I want to give my family.;I understand how important an introduction;to a paper is. This week, I want to make;a great introduction! I will start my;paper by telling a story about my father?s last two weeks of life. I stayed with my mother and helped her more;than I ever thought I could. That tells;my reader about my gift of listening and empathizing, which is something I;offer the world. It?s a good way to start my essay because it gets the reader?s;attention?maybe some of my readers have lost a parent. My plan is to make my introduction better by;writing a couple of sentences at the end of the paragraph to explain how my;story about my father connects to my essay?s whole purpose of talking about how;we have to give the best of ourselves to our family.;To develop my essay, I?m going to go with a;chronological order. I?m going to give;two other examples of times when I listened to people in my family and helped;them with problems. The first example;comes from my teenaged years, then I?ll move to my adult years. Both examples rely on some anecdoting, so;like my introduction, I?m going to tell little stories and explain how they;relate to the topic and prove what I said about my gifts to the world. The stories will include some scene-setting;and a little bit of dialogue so my reader can see and hear what I?m writing;about.;The next half of my essay will pick up with;?what I really need.? Family is the;first thing that I really need, and since all of my examples in the first half;of my essay have to do with family, I can transition to this section;easily. To keep balance between the two;halves of my essay, I?ll have two examples in the ?what I really need? section;too. My plan is to relate both of my;?what I really need? examples back to the two short stories I told about my;gifts. I really need my sister?s love;and support because I rely on her to help me make friends and to be cool, so I;can relate what I need from her to what gifts I have to offer her. Then, I;really need my husband?s practical skills and perspective on the world because;he keeps me grounded, and I?m going to relate that back to my story about;introducing him to classical music and art museums as one of my gifts. I think that relating what I need with what I;can give is a really good way to show my values.;Finally, my conclusion will reflect back to;my dad?s passing and how it came home to me, how important life and family are;and how I learned that we should give everything we?ve got to give because we;don?t know when it could all be taken from us.;I think that?s an important point to tell my reader and remind him or;her to pick up the phone and call someone or stop by and visit them for no;reason. We have to give the best of;ourselves to the people who need us most?I really want to get that point across;to my readers.Progress Check #3 (graded)Download Progress Check #3 instructions from the Doc Sharing area and complete the assignment.Submit your lab to the Dropbox located on the silver tab at the top of this page


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