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Question;Extended;Draft Outline of Rhetorical Analysis;This week, you will;be working on the Rhetorical Analysis by starting to draft and organize your;ideas. You will submit an Extended Draft Outline this week to the Dropbox for;your professor to grade. The purpose of this assignment is to begin;collecting information and putting it in writing as you prepare for the 3- to;4-page final Rhetorical Analysis you will submit in Week 4.;First, read this week's;lecture and begin Chapter 8 in your text. Then go to the search engine of your;choice and search for a print advertisement to use as the subject of your;Rhetorical Analysis. You will need to provide a URL for your chosen ad, so;be sure it is available online. Your chosen ad can be current or;vintage. If you would like to analyze an ad from a different time period;type the phrase "vintage ads" into your browser.;Choose an ad that;you can analyze based on its rhetorical appeals (reasoning, character, and;emotion), and be sure the ad you choose is intriguing to you. Please make sure;that your chosen ad is appropriate for classroom use and the workplace.;Locate the file;?Week 3 Extended Draft Outline template? in Doc Sharing. Use this template;and follow the format provided to create your extended draft outline this;week. You?ll need to identify and describe the ad, draft a thesis;identify the use of rhetorical appeals, and draft a conclusion.;At the end of your;extended draft outline, copy and paste the URL or website address for your ad;(it will begin with http://) so that your readers can also view the ad.;Successful;assignments will;1. identify an;advertisement, current or vintage, that?s appropriate for a college-level;audience;2. include a draft of;the introduction and conclusion (minimum of one paragraph each);3. include a tentative;thesis statement at the end of the introduction;4. include details to;establish the visual description and context of the ad;5. identify the;various ways rhetorical appeals are used, and


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