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Question;Eng329 News Literacy;Extra credit assignment: Gaza or UkraineEng329 News;Literacy;Extra credit;assignment: Gaza or Ukraine;We have had two major news stories;break last week. They are both;contentious subjects with lots of opinions and assertions on both sides. They;give us a good opportunity to test our News Literacy skills to determine how;much sense we can make of the news reports and what conclusions we can come to. Real life stuff.;The first story is the battle between;Israel and Hamas in Gaza. The second is;the shooting down of the Malaysian airliner in eastern Ukraine.;For extra;credit worth up to five points for your semester grade, the assignment is to pick;one of these two stories. Then;look for three accounts?in the newspapers, from any internet sources, on;social media, on the broadcast and cable networks?dealing with the story you;have picked.;Use the critical;thinking skills we have studied to assess the credibility and reliability of;these stories. Can you decide, for;example, what is credible, what is not? What is lacking? How do you evaluate the;sources? Are there assertions or is there verification?;Write a 500;word essay on your conclusions. Have you;reached any judgments to make a decision or conclusion about any aspect of the;story.;You are being asked to look at three;stories so you can judge, for instance, whether any one story lacks key information or;has critical information that others don?t have. BUT YOU DON?T HAVE TO EVALUATE ALL THREE;STORIES. Just pick the one or two that;support your arguments. Along with the essay, you must send me the TEXT (not;just the link or URL) of the stories you have picked.;Your grade will not depend on your;final conclusions but on the specific evidence you use to make your points.


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