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Question;The research proposal will present the topic you have selected for your;Course Project. The purpose of the proposal is to persuade your reader;to believe that you are interested in the topic and ready to learn how;to develop the topic into a project. The format of the proposal is a;sentence outline. Use APA style to document any sources referenced in;your proposal. When you are finished, save the document as and submit it to the Dropbox by;the end of the week.;The Proposal is worth 50 points. See Doc Sharing for the following support documents.;An assignment templateA sample assignmentThe assignment grading rubricWeek 3 APA Module Assignment;For this assignment, you will review materials in the DeVry library to help gain a better understanding of APA citations.;a. Click;b. Listen to the tutorial or download and review the transcript on APA and answer the questions below;After reviewing the presentation, compose a 2-paragraph response in which you address each of the following points;1. Why is APA Style used to document ideas in writing? What;is the purpose of the in-text citation? Demonstrate your understanding;of the in-text citation by providing an in-text citation for the article;you summarized for the week 2 assignment. (15 points);2. In the article that you summarized in week 2, you may;have found some information that you want to quote directly. To;demonstrate the process for citing a direct quote, provide an example of;properly quoted material. (20 points)


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