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Question;This week, we will be finishing up your Argumentative Syntheses. Last week, you developed your thesis and introduction, along with a body outline, and your preliminary conclusion. This week, you will be developing your support - your body paragraphs to support your claim (your thesis statement). See below about how to make your argument using the classical method of Ethos, Pathos, and Logos. You need to convince and persuade your reader that your view is right. You will be providing outside sources to support your claim, but don't forget to acknowledge your opposition - which is the counter-argument. You want to show your credibility by acknowledging the other side, however, you will be showing how that side's argument is faulty. This will contribute to supporting your viewpoint.We will also continue looking at the advertising world, and looking at some print and TV ads, along with some scenes from the popular "Mad Men" series. Use the appeals we looked at last week to contribute to your analysis of these ads.Have fun this week!Objectives:Write the final draft of your Argument SynthesisDemonstrate the support of a thesisAnalyze the techniques of advertising and how they affect the general publicAssignments:Actively participate in the Discussion BoardsChapter 5: Argument Synthesis continuedChapter 14: New and Improved: Six Decades of Advertising:A Portfolio of Print Advertisements page 576View the YouTube Ads and "Mad Men" videos belowWriting Assignment: Complete your argumentative essay by Sunday night at 11:59PM EST.


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