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Question;unit 6 iscussionChoose one of the print ads from your text (pages 578-599) or one of the TV ads above, and answer the following questions:What appears to be the target audience for this ad?If this ad were produced more than two decades ago, does its same target audience still exist today? If so, how would this audience likely react today to the ad?What is the primary appeal made by this ad, in terms of Fowles' categories? What if any, are the secondary appeals?What assumptions do the ad's sponsors make about such matters as 1) commonly accepted roles of women and men, 2) the relationship between the sexes, 3) the priorities of men and women.Add any other specific information about the ad that caught your attention. In your post, indicate the ad you are referencing, and whether it is a print or TV ad in APA format.="margin:>unit 7 For this week?s Discussion Board entry, please read Jane Kenyon?s ?Happiness? (page 459). In lines 13-19, she shifts the comparison of happiness, equating it to a previously unknown uncle come to visit. Consider the details of the uncle's landing and search, the single engine plane, and the hitchhiking into town. In what ways does this mini-narrative suggest the approach and arrival of happiness?unit 8Take a look at Jenna Brager's Misery and Pain Flow Chart on page 292 of your text.What is your first reaction to this diagram?To what extent do you believe it to be true?What are the larger implications about finding a job in our current economy?How can you relate this drawing to your own life?="margin:>


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