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Question;module 1 case studyHere you will be writing a response to ?An Occurrence at Owl Creek? by Ambrose Bierce. This activity is designed to help you review narration and description. When reading note Bierce?s ability to both tell a story and describe its circumstances.Read ?An Occurrence at Owl Creek? by Ambrose Bierce hereTime is important in this story. Not the time in history, calendar time, watch time, or the time of day, but rather the way that people perceive time. We all know how some things can seem to last forever, like a bad cold, while other things seem to be over in a few minutes, like a great party.In your essay, please concentrate on the role of perceived time.Assignment ExpectationsAfter reading the essay, please write a two page essay that addresses how perceived time functions in the story.Your essay should mention the metaphors and themes which show us what Bierce was trying to say about time.Your essay should contain three quotes to illustrate how time works in the short story.Submit by the end of this module.module 1 SLPRead ?To Build a Fire? by Jack London hereFor this assignment you will write three-four pages that combines your skills in both narration and description. The readings from both the Case Assignment and the Session Long Project offer good examples of stories that utilize both good description and narration strategies. Write about a meaningful place or a place that has significance to you. Maybe there were people there that you remember, or your family was there. What was special about the place? What do you remember about the place? What can you remember hearing, smelling, seeing? Why was this particular place memorable or special to you?Assignment ExpectationsWrite three-four pages about a meaningful placeWrite well (consider your optional reading material to help you)Illustrate good descriptive and narrative strategiesSubmit your work by the end of this module


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