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Question;Unit 1 discussion;Top of Form;What is one speech;that you consider powerful, that moved you in some way? This may be from;a famous speech, or one made by a coach, teacher, local activist, etc.;When you explain the speech, give some details as to what you found to be so;special. Also, try and give an example of ethos, pathos, and logos in the;speech.;Unit 2 discussion;Discuss your experience using active listening techniques;with the clip of "Other People's Money.;What;worked?;What;didn't?;Were;you surprised at the outcome?;Did;your thinking change?;Unit 3 discussion;Name three things that you learned by watching;Craig Valentine's critiques that you feel are helpful. Explain why.;Week 4 discussion;Why are ethics important in public speaking? Use at;least 3 specific points learned in this unit to answer. Also give;specific examples of the points from a famous speech or speeches of the past;Week 5 discussion;Choose one of your classmate's informative speeches and give;positive and critical feedback. Be specific in your evaluation and;discuss particular parts of the speech and use the terminology and techniques;learned in the Informative Speech unit.unit 6 dissn;Top of Form;Choose one of the;speeches from this unit and discuss what makes it so powerful, effective, and;persuasive. Be sure to use the vocabulary of public speaking to make your;points. Also, be specific when you are making a point - use specific;points of reference to the speech.;Bottom of Form;Unit 7 disscusn;?;DISCUSSION BOARD ASSIGNMENT 2;?;o Now that you have learned the skills to develop;practice, and perform strong speeches, and you have uploaded your final speech;- the persuasive speech, it's time to do some self reflection. Go back to your;first speech that you uploaded. Compare it to your final speech.In this;thread, tell what changed most from your initial speech to your final;speech. What stands out most to you? What is/are the things you;learned & implemented most?;Unit 8 discussion;Choose a topic in your field, or a field you are interested;in, and give a detailed explanation of how you would approach leading a speech;to a small group. Discuss the challenges you face, the approach you would;take, and your own personal feelings about speaking in small groups.;Also;detail the 5 step method for directing discussion using specific examples;Give a detailed account of a speech for an occasion that you have;given.;Explain;A. A positive aspect of the speech;B. A negative aspect of the speech;C. How you prepared.;D. What specifically you would do differently;If you have never given a speech on an occasion -;choose an occasion and give a detailed explanation of how you would prepare;approach and deliver the speech.


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