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Question;Unit 2 discussion;For this week?s Discussion Board entry;please read at least two of the various Cinderella stories from Chapter 8 of;your text. What makes this tale so enduring throughout the years? What is it;about Cinderella that draws in so many cultures? Which version of Cinderella;did you find to be the most interesting? Explain your answer using;examples from the text.;Another version can be found here;D'Aulnoy's "Finette Cendron";Post 5 possible topics;of your research essay relating to the chapters starting on page 287. Then;narrow your topics to the one that will be the best choice for an academic;research essay. Lastly, post your tentative thesis statement for feedback. Here;is a great link to help write your thesis statement:;Unit 4 disscn;n this essay, ?Why the Gasoline Engine;Isn?t Going Away Any Time Soon? (pages 534-539) Joseph B. White cites;mobility and freedom" as one reason that the internal combustion;engine will persist for the foreseeable future. Answer the following questions;?;To what extent are such values;sufficiently important that you would hesitate to purchase or refuse to;consider purchasing an all-electric vehicle?;?;Does anyone drive an all-electric or;hybrid car or know someone that does?;?;How can you relate that experience to;mobility and freedom?;Unit 5 discussn;After reading Jib;Fowles' "Advertising's Fifteen Basic Appeals," (page551) answer the;following questions;?;Does this;classification seem an accurate and useful way of accounting for how most;advertising works on us?;?;Would you drop any;of his categories, or perhaps incorporate one set into another set?;?;Has Fowles neglected;to consider other appeals that you believe to be equally important? If so;what are they?;6


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