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trident eng102 module 3 case study and slp




Question;module 3 case studyFor this case assignment, read both Prezi vs. Powerpoint articles by Daivd Wicks and Phil Bird. You will write a brief essay that summarizes their main points about prezi and powerpoint. What does each author say about prezi and powerpoint? Simply highlight the differences between the two applications/programs.Assignment Expectations:Write two-three pagesInclude both the negatives and positives of each programInclude both an introduction and conclusionConsider what each program would be best used forSubmit your work by the end of this module.module 3 SLPFor the Session-Long project, you will write an analysis of which application, PowerPoint or Prezi, would be best for giving a presentation to your colleagues about an anticipated equipment upgrade.Your analysis of the presentation software should consider its usefulness as a tool, which will be used to address the concerns of those involved, and to tell them how the equipment upgrade will impact various their jobs, enhance productivity, increase income, and improve corporate finances.Your task is to decide which application would be better for presenting this information, and why. Write a three- or four-page analysis explaining your decision. Be sure to include the specific characteristics of the situation being presented to your colleagues-- i.e., replacing equipment, the required training, etc. -- and explain how those characteristics affected your choice of presentation software.Assignment Expectations:Write three-four page AnalysisAddress the scenario/situationDetermine which program/application would work best for the presentation of informationInclude reasons for your choice. Why did you choose one program as opposed to another, for instance?Cite any outside sourcesSubmit your work by the end of this module.


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