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ENG 101 -Essay 2- Rhetorical Analysis




Question;ENG 101Essay 2: Rhetorical Analysis (600 Points)Writing AssignmentWrite a rhetorical analysis of either Chapter 4 ?Master of My Fate: Making Moral Choices in a Determined Universe,? or Chapter 5 ?Can We be Good Without God?: Science, Religion, and Morality.? Defend an arguable claim about how Shermer's argument functions effectively. (4-5 page paper)Consider such areas as diction, sentence variety, slang, correct grammar, technical language, figurative language, jokes, and tone. How does the writer achieve their purpose? Unify your essay with a provable thesis claim.The Pitfalls of This Type of Writing? We are not writing reviews here. The audience knows the topic and expects you to argue about how Shermer's argument is structured.? Don't provide a running summary. Instead, pick some elements and show how they interact in producing an effective argument.? No offense, but the purpose is not to slam or counterargue Shermer here, so if you do this, expect readers to reject your work.Essays in my ENG 101 courses must meet the page and source requirements in order to earn passing credit.MLA FormatEssays with incorrect MLA format will lose at least one letter grade. Have correct page numbering, taking out any extra spaces, and including a proper MLA heading and 6.5" right margins. A works cited page is required. Follow your required MLA essay format. Use the text and virtual handbook folder to help with formatting questions. Do not put in page numbers if you're citing a website.AudienceYour academic audience is made up of your classmates and professor. They know the text you are analyzing.Plagiarism Issue? Quoted words must be put into quotations, otherwise, readers assume the words are yours. If they aren?t, then a plagiarism situation arises, even if there is a parenthetical citation. Be careful.? Paraphrases must be reworded and reordered fully to avoid plagiarism. Specific summaries also require citations.? Review the plagiarism mini-lecture in the Unit 6: Virtual Handbook folder. That acts as your warning, cases of plagiarism will be dealt with harshly according to the policies set forth in the syllabus.? Specific summaries would require citing.Remembering the Terms in RhetoricSome terms you may wish to consider include the following:? Appeals: pathos, ethos, logos? Modes: description, narrative, illustration, process, illustration definition, comparison/contrast, cause/effect, argument? Induction, deduction? Figurative language: metaphors, irony, symbolism, similes? Fallacies? Tone? Mood? Reading level


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