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Define the word respect as you understand it for your own life




Question;Discussion question: 250-350 word countWe all want and deserve respect from others. However, there are certain skills we learn through the process of maturation and development which ensure our earning of that respect. We learn how to be assertive in getting our needs met, we learn how to become accountable for our actions, and we learn to work collaboratively with others even if we don't always like the people we work with. Children have not yet gained these skills. Our guidance approach and the strategies and techniques we employ will teach children not only these skills but also how to read social cues and develop an understanding of the perspectives of others.Include the following in this discussion post:Define the word respect as you understand it for your own life. Provide an example of when you have felt respected or disrespected.Reflect on the rules you have adopted for your classroom or those you have seen in other classrooms. Do the rules fit with your concept of respect? Why or why not? How could you change the rules to guidelines which ensure all children at all levels of development are respected and honored?Support your statements with evidence from the required studies and your research.


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