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The Rogerian Argument focuses on __________




Question;1. The Rogerian Argument focuses on _____. (Points: 1) ConfrontationConcessionCompromiseConclusion;2. What is the main purpose of documentation? (Points: 1) To give credit to the originators of any material not your own.To demonstrate your research pathAs a failsafe against plagiarismTo follow professor?s instructions;3. Web sites do not need to be cited in academic writing. (Points: 1) True False;4. You do not have to cite quoted material. (Points: 1) True False;5. An argument that relies on emotional appeal uses _____. (Points: 1) LogosEthosPathos;6. Which of the following is not a valid type of claim? (Points: 1) Claim of valueClaim of principleClaim of policyClaim of fact;7. The thesis of your argument essay is your claim statement. (Points: 1) True False;8. Rogerian Argument strategy is _____. (Points: 1) SubjectiveObjective;9. In her essay ?Who Are the Real Victims of Alcoholism?? Meredith Newman Blanco claims: (Points: 1) There are no real victims of alcoholismChildren are the real victims of alcoholismAlcoholics themselves are the real victims of alcoholismSociety is the real victim of alcoholism;10. What is the first step in avoiding plagiarism in academic writing? (Points: 1) Cite according to MLACredit your sourceTake accurate notesDocument common knowledge


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