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Question;Question 1;From;, what is the name of the;business plan that you chose to evaluate?;Answer for Question 1;Question 2;What is the URL for your chosen plan?;(for example;;Answer for Question 2;Question 3;Please evaluate the completeness of;the company summary. Your evaluation of the company summary should discuss the;mission and describe the types of products or services offered by the company.;(One paragraph response);Answer for Question 3;Question 4;Please evaluate the product;description. The features and functions of the product should be clearly;described. A discussion of the differentiating factors from competitors as well;as prices should be included. (One paragraph response);Answer for Question 4;Question 5;Please evaluate the market;segmentation. Define the target market segments in detail to include a numeric;market size and a discussion of market trends. (One paragraph response);Answer for Question 5;Question 6;Please evaluate the industry;analysis. Discuss the current state of the industry and assess the future of;the industry using quantifiable terms. (One paragraph response);Answer for Question 6;Question 7;Please evaluate the marketing;strategy. Discuss the distribution strategy and describe the marketing;programs. Include the position statement, if any. Assess if the pricing;strategy is logical. (One paragraph response);Answer for Question 7;Question 8;Please evaluate the sales strategy.;Assess how the sales strategy aligns with the target market segments. Include;any sales goals and timelines. (One paragraph response);Answer for Question 8;Question 9;Please evaluate the management;summary. Assess if the management team is well constituted and if there are any;management team gaps. Discuss the personnel plan. (One paragraph response);Answer for Question 9;Question 10;Please evaluate the financial plan.;Discuss the key expenses, expected sources of funding, and the revenues plans;and forecasts. Define the amount of funding needed to launch the company. (One;paragraph response);Answer for Question 10;Question 11;If you were an investor, would you invest in this plan?;Why or why not? Your response should be logical and clearly express your point;of view. (One to two paragraph response)


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