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From the time the Constitution was ratified, Americans have disagreed over its meaning




Question;From the time the Constitution was ratified, Americans have disagreed over its meaning and the extent of the powers it gave to different branches and reserved to the states and the people. Since the Constitution took effect, it has been amended several times and, just as importantly, interpretations of the Constitution have changed over time. For this assignment, examine the history of one constitutional issue in depth and explain how, and why, understandings of, and approaches to, the issue have changed over from colonial times through the present. Develop an argument about how, in your informed opinion, the constitutional issue should be interpreted. Justify your position with reference to the Constitution itself, the history of the issue under consideration, and the stance adopted on the issue by significant constitutional interpretations, past and present. In the paper, you should identify key events and documents related to the event, including momentous historical controversies, major Supreme Court cases, and significant political developments. Conclude the paper by generating an argument for how the issue should be interpreted.For this assignment, chose from one of the following issues:a. Executive powerb. Definitions of citizenship and citizen?s rightsc. Relationship between state and federal governmentsd. Role of the judiciarye. Foreign affairsThe paper should be eight to ten pages in length, formatted according to proper APA standards. You must use at least six scholarly resources other than the textbook to support your claims and subclaims. The paper should consult at least three primary sources (one of which should be a US Supreme Court decision and one of which should be an article from The Federalist Papers), and three scholarly, secondary sources (full-length articles or books, not book reviews) which should be obtained from any of the databases accessible through the Ashford University library. Cite your resources in text and on the reference page.


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