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Freedom of speech is one of the most cherished rights in the United States




Question;Freedom of speech is one of the most cherished rights in the United States. There are numerous examples of people and companies exercising their right to free speech, even when it is unpopular or frowned upon. Without this freedom, democracy would not be possible.However, the Supreme Court has ruled that it is permissible to restrict this freedom at certain times and for certain reasons. For example, it would not be considered within the freedom of speech to falsely yell about an emergency in a crowded theater because of the risk of people being injured.Consider the following situations. Select 1 topic, and research the pros and cons of the situation presented. Once you have gathered enough information, write a 5-paragraph persuasive essay to answer the following question:Should this form of free speech be protected?Choose from the following list of possible topics:A corporation chooses to spend its profits to promote a certain political candidate or issue.A cartoonist draws an offensive comic and demands that it run unedited.A citizen of a city stands on a street corner and yells swear words at other people.A driver puts a bumper sticker on her car that jokes about killing a sitting president.A religious group protests at military funerals with loud shouting and hateful signs.An organization hacks into government files, including classified material, and posts it to the Internet.An angry mob burns a U.S. flag in protest of a recent decision by the government.An individual at an airport jokes about flying an airplane into a skyscraper or killing the crew during the flight.Be sure to use reliable, outside sources to support your argument. Your essay must also include the following:Each paragraph must be a minimum of 7 sentences.Paragraphs must be indented.A thesis statement must be included in your introduction.Examples, explanations, illustrations, and quotations should be included to develop your topic and to support your viewpoints.Use the formal writing voice (third person): do not use ?you?, ?I?, ?me?, ?us?, and ?we?. Do not use contractions.Use APA format.Use in-text citations to reference the material that you have gotten from other sources.Include a Reference page when you submit your assignment.


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