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Require a paragraph or two about the movie "The Mighty."




Question;Require a paragraph or two about the movie "The Mighty." consider problems faced by students who are different in terms of academic ability, size or physical disability, each of these topics are prevalent in the movie. Discuss how family impacts classroom performance, both Max and Kevin were without fathers, a commonality that helped solidify their friendship. Family structure could be discussed in terms of how the "traditional" family has changed to include grandparents raising grandchildren, as in the case of Max, and single parenting, as in the case of Kevin. You may want to talk about honesty and integrity, both boys show they have integrity when they chose to return the purse to its rightful owner. Finally, you may want to discuss loss and death, and how children respond to the death of a loved one. If you recall, in the movie Max chose isolation until he was reminded that life was not to be wasted.


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